Thursday, November 5, 2009


Yo ho ho, people of the world!

Some small updates from me, thassright!

Just want to state that Halloween was great! If I look past the fact that I got way too drunk for my own good and threw up like a crazy person, then YES, it was truly a great night..and I have figured out that I really love my friends. Well..I kinda figured that already, but there are some things that just make you go "omg, I'm so happy I have these people in my life", you know?

SO..halloween..yes. I was actually working that day, but after work I took the opportunity to sneak down to Outland (our comic book store) wearing my Red Panda kigurumi. Which made me wish I had the guts to wear that thing all the time, cause it's nice and comfy and warm even though it's cold outside = w = It was fun being there..lots of people having dressed up..and oh lord, I took way too few pics :C *whine* I don't even have any pics of me in my kigurumi ; w ;

BUT..I got Transformers jenga! How awesome is that? I mean..that's pretty flippin' awesome:

I rock at jenga! I'll take any challenge! ò w ó bwahahaha!

So yeah..that was that.
I dressed up as a somewhat evil maid later that evening. I still have some red in my hair and on my arms from that fake blood I used = A = I mean..yeah..

"Why hello there, sir! Would you like wine with that?"

Cathrine makes a cute witch!

Elwood ò w ó

Well, right now I'm at school and I'm totally not paying attention. I wanna go home and eat my müesli..omnomnom.

Thursday, October 29, 2009


I had such a fucked up dream last night. I dreamt I had a couple of dead ferrets that I HAD to bury because someone had killed them and told me that if I didn't bury them in a place where no one would find them, they'd kill me with radiation poisoning. So I ran around looking for a place to bury the ferrets, but I couldn't find any, cause the ground was made out of steel plates that were nailed to the ground. And then I came to a river which was radioactive..on the other side was a spot of soft ground. I needed to get over there. But then suddenly a gigantic plane comes falling from the sky and I feel I have no choice but to jump into the river to save myself, so I do..and everything just got..weirder after that..go figure xD It was a pretty weird dream o A o

Oh well xD

It's almost halloween now! And I'm really looking forward to it, cause I feel I'm in need of a good party - w - and ofcourse dressing up..cause I love dressing up :D

I'll try to get some pictures! n____n

Oh, and I'm currently waiting for Assassins Creed II. Thinking of ordering Left 4 Dead 2 as well..but then I'll be way too distracted from my exam xD

Thursday, October 15, 2009


Ok, so currently I'm working on some spanish stuff for my compulsory oral presentation, which is like..soon..I feel.'s the 10th of november, but I'm bloody nervous, cause it's like an exam and I'm not allowed any notes or anything ;____; eep.

I've been reading a bit for my other classes too. My exams aren't that far away either. Eesh, I hate feeling stressed about stuff.

Today I got up super early for class. I show up at the university and..turns out there was no one class -___- I decided to go home and read instead. I'm not really a morning person, so I've been really tired, and my jetlag's been kinda annoying too xD

On the drawing part..I seriously don't have time to do anything these days. I'm working tomorrow and this weekend I'll probably read and prepared myself for the spanish..and apart from that I have work and school until december :/ But I've been thinking of maybe making another book, actually. I have a new McMorbid story I would like to start on, and the rest of The Finding of The Shoelace story will be in the new book and not submitted to deviantART. AND...I have a plan of making a story about Rip now. The thing is, no one knows his story, right? Most likely you're in for a surprise ^^

Oh..and I got the 6th Yotsuba book. Hooray! I've been waiting such a long time for it to come out here ; w ; the end of december/start of january I will be firing up my Japan blog again, cause guess what..I'M GOING BACK ;D

So..that's that for now, I guess..just wanted to keep you guys updated, you know :3

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Pictures from Chile~

Hello boys and girls~!

As you may have noticed I am still a lazy ass when it comes to updating my blog lately, but I thought I just post a little bit now.

I've been taking lots of pictures here in Chile, and I submitted some to my photography account on deviantart.

If you'd like to see more from my Chile experience, check out my Chile Blog.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Jeez louise I have been SO slow with updates D: It's been over a week since Raptus (the comic convention I went to) and I haven't told you guys anything about it ;____;

Well..I went to Bergen..and got to live at a girl called Sun's place. She's the best host in the world and she is supernice ; w ; I also fell in love with her dog ; A ; yeah. I had my own stand at the convention, in addition to being a judge in the cosplay convention they held there * A *

Here are some pics:

Hullo thar srs face * o *

I was painting the wall at Outland along with the other comic artists, being Peter Madsen, Milo Manara, Charlie Adlard, Cary Nord..etc n___n

Juanjo Guarnido signing stuff

My stand :D


The finished poster from the convention :D


Finiished n___n

Charlie Adlard to the right, Peter Madsen to the left~

Peter Madsen's work was awesome *___*

Milo Manara painting a horny chick 0:)

Me and Sun being judges. That pic was actually taken by my local newspaper o.o;; yeah..I had TONS of fun! :DD
And..and..I sold like..25 books! ; w ; *feels so loved*

OH! And..check out my Chile blog, will ya? ;D ->

Goodie good n_______n

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Okay, so I "officially" quit my job for the summer..or..not seems they'll need some help this autumn too, so I will be working while studying now. I have a feeling it's gonna be a really busy autumn for me, but I think it's good to be able to earn some money that I can save up. I'm starting school august 24th and I don't know if I'm looking forward to it atm because all my classes are kinda..crashing xD I have spanish class mondays, tuesdays and thursdays and they crash with my other two subjects :P But I'm kinda thinking I'll do like I've done before and not show up to the other two classes and concentrate about the spanish, because it's no problem for me to just read for the two other subjects :3

Today I've bought some used schoolbooks from...people. And while I was in town, I went to Game and Outland to say hi and it seems Outland was redecorating the store so it was a mess there with..with..master chiefs and storm troopers xD

Badass! xD

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Huhai~ it's sunday!

Hello everyooone~~~
It's suundaaay and I've just had an awesome dinner. :D
Been working all day home just a while ago. Thing is..I'm actually done working for summer at august 16th and then school is starting the 20th * A * I was location hunting a bit the other day..didn't find anything particularly interesting, really..

..apart from like..a quack guarding its baby quacks * w *


and..a pretty place by the river * o *

But I didn't really leave town. I am sure there are a lot of awesome locations outside town though, but I don't have a car or a bus card..and taking the bus is expensive when you don't have a bus card :c so I guess I'll wait until school starts.

Oh..and I'm really looking forward to "9" and "Alice in Wonderland" *_____*

Tonight I am going to watch a new Norwegian horror thriller, called "Snarveien" - "The Shortcut"

Should be fun xD

I also wanna see Public Enemies pretty soon. And Sherlock Holmes when that's coming out * o * mwaaa~~ movie madness :D

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Zombie Walk :D

Ok, so the zombie walk yesterday was awesome! We weren't like..that many people, maybe 20-25..but it was still really funny xD

Here are some pics:


All done * o * Gwaaaa~

Malin, the cute little nazi zombie :D


Y halo thar * w *

Coming thruuuu~

Zombies get tired TOO! ; o ;

So..yeah..there you go xD

On another note: MY SUMMER VACATION HAS STARTED! I'M DONE WITH MY LAST EXAM FFS!! :DDD So far I have celebrated with..watching the whole first season of Heroes again..and reading the new Nightmares and Fairytales book. It's amazing, by the it :D

Now I can draw, play games and do the things I friggin' want..without feeling guilty ;D mwahaha!

Saturday, May 9, 2009


Ok, so my book signing went pretty well :D I signed about 20 books or something. I sold 12 new ones and some of the ones Outland already had there. And there were also some coming to get their pre-bought books signed n___n And it was lots of cute cosplay peoples there as well :D




The peoples working at Outland. They are love :D

Kim (one of the guys working at Outland) went as Hard Gay xD SMACKPLZ

And well, yeah..I went as Bad Girl from No More Heroes n____n

Waaai~ so it's all good :D
And oh yeah. I have bought plane tickets to Santiago, Chile. I've decided to visit Sebastián and Felipe, since they are so cute and fun ^___^ So..I'm going in september and staying there for 3 weeks..yayyz :D

And also I am going to see Eddie Izzard live the 21st of December with Cathrine, Jan, Thea and Per. I can't wait! Edddiiiiieeeeee..ngraaawgh * w *

I saw Coraline yesterday, by the way. It was amazingly cute. Neil Gaiman never ceases to amaze me *sighs happily* I was in town. And I was at this store selling lots of weird stuff. They had a weight with of..delicious cupcakes on it. How fucking ironic isn't that.. >___> "oh man, I've gained weight..and now I want cupcakes :("
; w ;

And..I'm currently addicted to the Take That song played in the Stardust's pretty;;

Friday, May 1, 2009

Book Signing :0

Okay, my book signing is tomorrow * w * Scaaaary!
I went to deliver 100 McMorbid books to Outland was a heavy cardboard box ; o ; but..yay! I doubt Ill end up signing 100 books though..I'll be happy if I get to sign like..10 n____n But it'll be lots of fun, since it's a cosplay convention and Free Comic Book Day as well as my I'm guessing a lot of people will be there :0 My cosplay costume is ready, my baseball bat and everything..just made it a little "bloody" as well:

Bad Girl will be fun to dress up as :D

Outland has also put up my Book Signing poster in their window..I went to take a picture of it:

Yayyy! ^_____^

And on wednesday, I went to set up a new appointment at Purple Pain (it's a tattoo studio not far from town, where I took my Dream tattoo). Gonna get some touch-ups and stuff :D After I were there, I took the bus back to town and I visited Flaming Heart Tattoo to talk to Linn. And YAY..there was a drop in that didn't show up, so Linn wanted to give me a free tattoo. She'd already decided that before-hand ofcourse, so I had drawn a little Totoro-picture that I really wanted on my leg, so she did it..and it's SO cute! I'll take a picture of it when it's healed, cause now it's just scabbing and stuff.. xDD

It's my foot! Awmahgawdz xD

Monday, April 13, 2009


Ok, first of all..can't people just STOP being so..SNATCHY??

~Frat-Burger 21 hours 41 minutes ago hey there, just wanted to tell you something. I saw this street vendor selling wallets one day, I recognized the picture on the wallet it was your "Mcmorbid-Sausage" comic. apparently your art is being mass produced as wallets and bags here(Philippines). just wanted to inform you. :|

;_____; seriously..does it ever end? First Dangerfield and now this? I haven't even sorted out the Dangerfield case takes ages. I guess they'll just keep earning money on my work still. It's so flippin' UNFAIR! Stupid art thieving bastards!

Well..on another note. I had people over on saturday..and because it's easter and..I wanted to be yellow, I put on my Pikachu outfit and went to town wearing it..I even went to the store in it buying potato chips before I got xD And I also went to the local gay bar with my was funny..PIKA PI

My friend took a picture of me outside the kebab shop...hahah. Easter-chu :D

And yay! I met my dad today. It was nice. Haven't seen him for ages..usually he's just passing through here, like today. But it was great seeing him again :)

Friday, April 10, 2009

Happy easter~

Hey guys..long time no see.
At least for this blog n___n;;

I am home from Japan now. I came back to Norway (Oslo) last monday and my aunt and uncle gave me a lift back to Trondheim. When I got back here I actually bought myself a new sofa xD I've kinda made my room into a little living room now. So now I sleep in the little room beside my old room. I'm actually sleeping on the floor :D And I like it! It's really cozy~
My mom and stepdad helped me out with moving stuff too..they're too kind n____n

I have bought Ninja Blade now. It's SO fun! :D Having a wee bit of trouble with the crab boss in mission #3 though, but I won't flippin' give up until I've kicked his sorry ass!

There is another game I REALLY really want too, but it's only out in Japan at the moment and I'm guessing it won't be released here in Europe for like..ages ; o ; it's called Oboro Muramasa and it looks SO fun ;00

Anyway..yesterday I was joined by Karstein, and we went down to town to see some other people. Later we went over to their place and had some beers. I dun like beer T___T eesh~
But it was very nice nonetheless.

And today I have been cleaning the floors here..and tidying a bit. Right now I'm just trying to work on a stupid school task. I have to write about Quality of Service and how it matters for communication. .___. meh..I'm having a sort of hard time finding anything to write D;

But YAY! Anette is coming over to visit this wednesday. I have been tidying the guest's way too messy in there o___o;;
I hope I get the chance to take some nice pictures while she's here n____n

K..guess that's it for today.

Peace out, yo~

Sunday, March 29, 2009


So...if you want to stay updated on my Tokyo-events, check out my little travel-blog::: Right Here


Onegai shimasu~

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Mya Mya~

Sunday! Lazy day! I've been in bed almost all day, really. I had one heck of a party here last night, it was..slightly insane xD Wah. My gay friend Karstein and a friend of him came over first, and then he invited a bunch of his gay friends too..I barely knew any of them, so I was like "Hi, yeah..I own the place, dawgs" :0 But they were all very nice..and I think we got a little bit too drunk for our own least I did =___= and we went to a gay bar in town where this strange guy told me I was hot even if I'm not a pick-up line ever. I didn't get what he had against blondes, though..seemed like he thought all blondes are brainless bimbos. Meh..stereotyping * O * Guess I proved him wrong though...mwahaha~

After the gay bar closed we went back to my place for a little nachspiel..and on the way we met this really sweet chinese guy. I think his name was Hui..(if I remember correctly) n___n; But yeah..he joined us too..and it was all good fun xD haha. I was a good girl tidying up the whole apartment this morning..people left at like...6 am or something like that, so I was up until 9 am tidying and cleaning..which was fun :D Now it looks nice..teehee ^^

And OH..I forgot to say. I went to the sneak-premiere of Watchmen this thursday..and to be honest, I think the movie was absolutely brilliant. The start was REALLY cool methinks..and even if the movie slightly lost itself after a while, it didn't really matter because all in all it was great. Rorschach was totally ass-kicking awesome :0 Rawr.

I've also ordered a Bad Girl (No More Heroes) dress from the people who made my Harley Quinn outfit. I'm so gonna cosplay her..I'm not sure when, but I've been thinking about it for ages xD I hope the dress will turn out nice n____n now I only have to get my hands on a bloody baseball bat and pink pumps :D

Rawr much? ;D

Looks like Konata is the winner of my cosplay poll I'm gonna have to get a blue wig and a Konata school girl uniform as well..haha :D

Now I'm gonna bake some breads and read a book. Sundays are slack.

See ya, sweetie-pies~

Friday, March 6, 2009


I want to do some cosplay soon, and I'm just trying to figure out who I want to be. I don't really wanna dress up as anyone advanced or anything..just something simple.
I've already decided to dress up as Bad Girl from No More Heroes to some occasion..I just need to get the dress and stuff. But besides her, I thought something simple, so I'm trying to choose between

Konata (Lucky Star):

Simca (Air Gear):

Akito (Air Gear):

Rebecca (Pani Poni Dash):

Ana (Ichigo Mashimaro):

I'm doing a poll on deviantART..cause I can't decide xDD

Tonight I'm gonna color the third page of my Adventure comic Part 1 and Part 2.
And Outland has also ordered up 12 new McMorbid books, which I'm gonna sign. Have to try to finish it tonight :D

Also I'm gonna send my CV to the coastal express job-apply-thingie. I'm hoping I can work on one of the boats this summer to earn some cash n____n