Sunday, May 31, 2009

Zombie Walk :D

Ok, so the zombie walk yesterday was awesome! We weren't like..that many people, maybe 20-25..but it was still really funny xD

Here are some pics:


All done * o * Gwaaaa~

Malin, the cute little nazi zombie :D


Y halo thar * w *

Coming thruuuu~

Zombies get tired TOO! ; o ;

So..yeah..there you go xD

On another note: MY SUMMER VACATION HAS STARTED! I'M DONE WITH MY LAST EXAM FFS!! :DDD So far I have celebrated with..watching the whole first season of Heroes again..and reading the new Nightmares and Fairytales book. It's amazing, by the it :D

Now I can draw, play games and do the things I friggin' want..without feeling guilty ;D mwahaha!


  1. Whoaaaaa, this is awesome :D Can we do this zombie walk thing here in Hungary too? That would be so greeeeeat :D *wants to organize one*

  2. First I must say that I found you on deviantart and you have the most amazing comics.
    Second, OMG ZOMBIES!! *drool* I looove zombies. I think we should do that here! It would be a great way to get people to I really just want to be a zombie. ^-^

  3. Does the 'blood' stain? :D