Friday, May 1, 2009

Book Signing :0

Okay, my book signing is tomorrow * w * Scaaaary!
I went to deliver 100 McMorbid books to Outland was a heavy cardboard box ; o ; but..yay! I doubt Ill end up signing 100 books though..I'll be happy if I get to sign like..10 n____n But it'll be lots of fun, since it's a cosplay convention and Free Comic Book Day as well as my I'm guessing a lot of people will be there :0 My cosplay costume is ready, my baseball bat and everything..just made it a little "bloody" as well:

Bad Girl will be fun to dress up as :D

Outland has also put up my Book Signing poster in their window..I went to take a picture of it:

Yayyy! ^_____^

And on wednesday, I went to set up a new appointment at Purple Pain (it's a tattoo studio not far from town, where I took my Dream tattoo). Gonna get some touch-ups and stuff :D After I were there, I took the bus back to town and I visited Flaming Heart Tattoo to talk to Linn. And YAY..there was a drop in that didn't show up, so Linn wanted to give me a free tattoo. She'd already decided that before-hand ofcourse, so I had drawn a little Totoro-picture that I really wanted on my leg, so she did it..and it's SO cute! I'll take a picture of it when it's healed, cause now it's just scabbing and stuff.. xDD

It's my foot! Awmahgawdz xD


  1. Take a piccie of your tatoooo d:

  2. Indeeeeeed. Totoro!

  3. Heiaa! (ikke slå meg for at jeg skriver på norsk D:) Ville bare poke litt borti bloggen din, som jeg begynner å følge fraaaaaaaa..... NÅ av! 8D

    Hoo, jeg oppdaget tegneserien din for sånn ca tre år siden da jeg fortsatt gikk på ungdomsskolen, men tror aldri jeg kommenterte på noe da :3 Ihvertfall, så er serien din megasøt og jeg kjøper gjerne en bok om du dukker opp for å selge dem andre steder (som f.eks noen av consene som skal være i Oslo i år) ^_^

  4. Hi, Rimfrost! ^_^
    I'm going to be in Norway in Oslo on the next week, and I wanted to buy your book ^w^ Is there any place in Oslo, where i can do it?