Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Yay! I'm finally done with my photo-presentation~! :D I didn't sleep at all the night before, and I was really overtired, so I kinda started laughing about almost anything..but I think I did well. I was speaking a bit fast, though.. xD hahah. But's great having it over and done with ^___^

And oh my god! It's only 28 days until I leave to Tokyo! I seriously can't wait ; O ; *impatient* I'm so happyyy! :D My mother is lending me her camera so I won't have to use my crappy compact one ^^ I'm going to Oslo march the 21st so I'm staying there for 4 days until I'm leaving. I'm going to meet my friend Jesper..haven't seen him for ages..hooray! And I'll also hopefully meet Anette if she's got the time n____n

Today I thought I'd try drawing a little more. I've also got a new commission pending. A digital one actually, for a change :0

Anyway..that's it from me right now. See ya :D

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Yawn - hello~

Sundays are fundays? Hmmm...more like..lazy days n____n;
Yesterday I had Cathrine over..we were drinking wine and eating was lovely~ Also, we were watching Ylvis III and Bill Bailey's show "Tinselworm". I like Bill Bailey..he's cute ^^ You guys probably haven't heard of Ylvis though (you guys who aren't Norwegian, I mean). They're sort of shows and..being funny xD Here's a little peek at them:

And I LOVE PINGU! My friend's room-mate has a Pingu plushie and I wants to steeeeal iiiit
* w * and Cathrine got a bit drunk and we also mixed together some kind of Caipirinha Mango on the rocks sort of thing..and it was deliciousss :3~ I think I need to make more of that the next time I'm drinking..which will be next weekend, cause I'm having a costume partyyy :D Yay! I like costumes. I've got a fair few and I never get the chance to use them..haha xD I should have costume parties all the time *snigger*

Today I need to write a bit. I have that photography presentation thingie on tuesday. I don't really want to do it. I hate standing in front of other people and..talking about stuff xD Well..I guess it could be worse though, cause it's not a hard task really. All I have to do is talk about a photo that another girl in my group brought to the first group session and then another girl in the same group I'm in is gonna talk about a photo I brought. Most of the people brought like..vacation/snap-shots/family photos while..mine was a photo taken by my friend Anette.

I think it should be relatively easy to talk about it for the one who is going to do xD

And OH! The movie Dead Snow is being released on DVD the 1st of april! Bwahaha! I loved that movie. Me needs to buy eet.

Well...that's all for now. Be back later ;*

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Okay, I seriously have this on my brain..I even dreamt about Freakazoid singing it in my xD

Yayy! I'm even up early today~! Who would have thought? Maybe my sleeping pattern is on the verge of becoming relatively allright again? I kinda hope so n____n; And today I should work on a commission I just got. It's my second commission in ages :0 *looks determined*

I also have new school tasks to do x____x this time it's about..bytes and bits..and streaming..and..poppycock. And also I have to start writing my part for this presentation we're going to have in a week..I don't want to, really. The task is for a subject called "History of photography" and every student has to pick a photo that has a personal connection to him/her..and then we have to be in a group of three and give our own photo to another person in that group, so that he/her can write and talk about it on the presentation D: eep!

Oh well..see you around, guys *waves* n______n;;

Monday, February 16, 2009

Such a sweet giirl <3

My goodness..I got this adorable message on myspace from a girl called Kaycee.

I love what you do.
I've been a big admirer of your comic strips for the longest time.
So when I saw that you where selling a book full of the cute,
funny, silly comic strips.
I knew had to go and buy it.

So now every time I need a giggle.
I go get the book flip to any page and laugh.

Thank you for all the great art that you make.
Hope you'll come out with another books
full of more Rip and Maria mischief's."

She sent me pictures of her with the book! SO ADORABLE~ ! It makes me want to squeal ^^ !! I'm so happy that my book has been somewhat of a success :D *big smile* THANK YOU SWEET PEOPLE..FOR THE SUPPORT AND LOVE!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

wtf, m8 I hang around on this Norwegian profile site-thingie..and I received the most absurd message today:

god lørdag til deg :)

jeg har et lite spm til deg som kan virke sært :)

jeg lider av skofetish så derfor spør jeg deg om du kansje har noen høye sko (støvletter, pumps, pensko og platåsko) som jeg kansje kan få kjøpe av deg:)
min fetish gjør slik at jeg ikke tenner så mye på nye sko så derfor kan jeg ik gå i butikk og kjøpe, jeg lurer og på om jeg kansje kan kjøpe noen brede midje belter av deg :) du kan få penger for det eller meg som din slave :)
da blir ditt liv som følgende med meg som din slave

du vil få en som rydder og vakser hver dag, en som lager alle dine måltider, en som vil løpe alle dine ærend, en som sitter pent og venter på at du skal kome hjem for og så kysse dine sko og føtter, om du vil jeg skal jobbe så gå lønna mi rett inn på din konto slik at du har full kontroll, du vil få en du kan lenke fast i et skap om du vil ha tid alene,du får en som masserer deg når du vil, du får en du kan tjene penger på ved og leige ut til dine venniner som slave :)

jeg håper jeg kan få et svar av deg :)

klem tommy translate:

"Good saturday(?) to you :)

I have a tiny question for you that might seem weird :)

I suffer from a shoe fetish, so that's why I'm asking you if you might have some shoes with high heels (boots, pumps..bla bla bla) that I can buy from you:)
My fetish makes it so that I don't get turned on by new shoes, therefore I can't go to a shoe store and buy some, I'm also wondering if I can buy some broad waist belts from you:) You can have money for them or me as your slave:)

This is how your life will be with me as your slave

You will have a guy that cleans your house everyday, makes all your meals for you, will run all your errands for you, will sit neatly and wait for you to come home and kiss your shoes and feet. If you want me to work, my salary will go straight to your bank account so that you will have full control. You will have a guy you can have chained up in a closet if you want alone-time, who will give you a massage whenever you want and you can also make money by lending me to your friends as a personal slave:)

I hope I can get a reply from you:)


If this guy isn't weird, then I don't know..LOL xDDD !!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Wakeful, much?

Okay, so it's like 4:39 am now and I'm stuck in the couch watching some crappy movie on TV with Joshua Jackson and some other dudeguy.. >____> boo-baa~
I didn't manage to get up early today either, I seriously need to get it together xD !
Tomorrow I WILL get up before 3 pm! HA! Cause I'm gonna eat sushi with my good friend, Per n___n yay~! Bless sushi and it's..raw..fishyness...

On another mother is the sweetest thing! She sent me a little envelope with a little bag of tinytiny dolls. These dolls are also called "Worry Dolls".

Photo is a bit blurry..taken with my mobile phone, but..they ARE really tiny..and so cuuute! On the little note it says; "The origin of the worry dolls comes form the ancient tribes of Guatemala. The people of Guatemala being superstitious believe that their problems and troubles were caused by the Gods as a punishment for wrong doing. Legend has it that if you take one of the dolls and tell it your troubles, then put it under your pillow before going to bed at night, when you wake in the morning your worries will be gone. There are seven worry dolls in your sack. One for each day of the week. Do not lose one of them as their mystical powers will disappear" :D Thanks, mom~!

My step dad also came over with a box of gingerbread cookies from christmas..haha xD but Thommas ate most of them, seeing as I can barely eat anything cause my wisdom tooth is killing me ;______; *pain*

I'm feeling very drawy-happy these days though..I'm sure my watchers on deviantART has noticed this..I've probably spammed their deviation inbox with pictures xDD But I like being on a's been a long time since I've been feeling like...really in a drawing mood ;0

Anyway..I better try to get some sleep. Just gonna do the dishes first x3~ ha!

Monday, February 9, 2009

It's just another day~

Oh wow, my first blog ever. I never even thought I would make one in a million years, but look at me go, huh? :0 Well..the reason I've never been blogging is because I always feel I have no particularly interesting thing to tell people, mind you, me putting up this blog now doesn't mean I've changed that view..but..I am in a need to write stuff so I thought "oh heck why nawt"

At this very moment I'm doing absolutely nothing because I AM a lazy bastard and I DID go to sleep at 7:30 in the morning, because I was up doodling and working on my Cafepress Shop n____n I'm thinking of making a few more additional designs, because oh-do-I-love-Illustrator >w<

But I got up at like 4 pm.. Bless my ridiculously fucked up sleeping pattern. Not that I'm complaining..but it makes me slack off slightly on the school part xDD Lawlz. I've currently been working on these practice tasks for a subject called "Communication Technology in the Information Society" ...or something like that. And YES!!! It IS as fun as it sounds!

We learn a lot about..well..communication technology..and computer stuff..and binary coding..DNS..mumbo-jumbo. I was working a little on that task yesterday and I went all; "Oh Maria, you are such a n00b!" sheepisly trying to open my skull, pat my brain and tell it to be more IT-friendly. No srsly, I would like to be able to do that one day. Lobotomized Maria anyone? Hannibal, help me plz :D But YAY! I got some help from my personal experts on the area, my friends Knut and Sølve..bless you and your intelligence for computer stuffs :*

Yo-ho I'm gonna be a good girl and clean the apartment. Not because it necessarily needs it, but you know addiction on constant patrol. I might just end up in my couch drawing or playing something though...Prince of Persia or Fable II :D

Hey, speaking of games..there is one I am dying to try;;; MINI-NINJAS~! :D *jumps up and down very excitedly*

Well..I guess that is all for now n_____n I'll keep you updated on my not-so-interesting life whenever I can.. 'till then..TATA, boys and girls. ;* muah~!