Sunday, May 31, 2009

Zombie Walk :D

Ok, so the zombie walk yesterday was awesome! We weren't like..that many people, maybe 20-25..but it was still really funny xD

Here are some pics:


All done * o * Gwaaaa~

Malin, the cute little nazi zombie :D


Y halo thar * w *

Coming thruuuu~

Zombies get tired TOO! ; o ;

So..yeah..there you go xD

On another note: MY SUMMER VACATION HAS STARTED! I'M DONE WITH MY LAST EXAM FFS!! :DDD So far I have celebrated with..watching the whole first season of Heroes again..and reading the new Nightmares and Fairytales book. It's amazing, by the it :D

Now I can draw, play games and do the things I friggin' want..without feeling guilty ;D mwahaha!

Saturday, May 9, 2009


Ok, so my book signing went pretty well :D I signed about 20 books or something. I sold 12 new ones and some of the ones Outland already had there. And there were also some coming to get their pre-bought books signed n___n And it was lots of cute cosplay peoples there as well :D




The peoples working at Outland. They are love :D

Kim (one of the guys working at Outland) went as Hard Gay xD SMACKPLZ

And well, yeah..I went as Bad Girl from No More Heroes n____n

Waaai~ so it's all good :D
And oh yeah. I have bought plane tickets to Santiago, Chile. I've decided to visit Sebastián and Felipe, since they are so cute and fun ^___^ So..I'm going in september and staying there for 3 weeks..yayyz :D

And also I am going to see Eddie Izzard live the 21st of December with Cathrine, Jan, Thea and Per. I can't wait! Edddiiiiieeeeee..ngraaawgh * w *

I saw Coraline yesterday, by the way. It was amazingly cute. Neil Gaiman never ceases to amaze me *sighs happily* I was in town. And I was at this store selling lots of weird stuff. They had a weight with of..delicious cupcakes on it. How fucking ironic isn't that.. >___> "oh man, I've gained weight..and now I want cupcakes :("
; w ;

And..I'm currently addicted to the Take That song played in the Stardust's pretty;;

Friday, May 1, 2009

Book Signing :0

Okay, my book signing is tomorrow * w * Scaaaary!
I went to deliver 100 McMorbid books to Outland was a heavy cardboard box ; o ; but..yay! I doubt Ill end up signing 100 books though..I'll be happy if I get to sign like..10 n____n But it'll be lots of fun, since it's a cosplay convention and Free Comic Book Day as well as my I'm guessing a lot of people will be there :0 My cosplay costume is ready, my baseball bat and everything..just made it a little "bloody" as well:

Bad Girl will be fun to dress up as :D

Outland has also put up my Book Signing poster in their window..I went to take a picture of it:

Yayyy! ^_____^

And on wednesday, I went to set up a new appointment at Purple Pain (it's a tattoo studio not far from town, where I took my Dream tattoo). Gonna get some touch-ups and stuff :D After I were there, I took the bus back to town and I visited Flaming Heart Tattoo to talk to Linn. And YAY..there was a drop in that didn't show up, so Linn wanted to give me a free tattoo. She'd already decided that before-hand ofcourse, so I had drawn a little Totoro-picture that I really wanted on my leg, so she did it..and it's SO cute! I'll take a picture of it when it's healed, cause now it's just scabbing and stuff.. xDD

It's my foot! Awmahgawdz xD