Saturday, May 9, 2009


Ok, so my book signing went pretty well :D I signed about 20 books or something. I sold 12 new ones and some of the ones Outland already had there. And there were also some coming to get their pre-bought books signed n___n And it was lots of cute cosplay peoples there as well :D




The peoples working at Outland. They are love :D

Kim (one of the guys working at Outland) went as Hard Gay xD SMACKPLZ

And well, yeah..I went as Bad Girl from No More Heroes n____n

Waaai~ so it's all good :D
And oh yeah. I have bought plane tickets to Santiago, Chile. I've decided to visit Sebastián and Felipe, since they are so cute and fun ^___^ So..I'm going in september and staying there for 3 weeks..yayyz :D

And also I am going to see Eddie Izzard live the 21st of December with Cathrine, Jan, Thea and Per. I can't wait! Edddiiiiieeeeee..ngraaawgh * w *

I saw Coraline yesterday, by the way. It was amazingly cute. Neil Gaiman never ceases to amaze me *sighs happily* I was in town. And I was at this store selling lots of weird stuff. They had a weight with of..delicious cupcakes on it. How fucking ironic isn't that.. >___> "oh man, I've gained weight..and now I want cupcakes :("
; w ;

And..I'm currently addicted to the Take That song played in the Stardust's pretty;;


  1. vel, neil gaiman skal vel ikke ha noe cred i det hele tatt for det filmatiske tror jeg. han skreiv jo bare boka. er jo henry selick som regisserte og skreiv om boka til film. mhm. men hvis det bare var historien som amaza deg kan du jo bare ignorere kommentaren xD

  2. I was here 8D

    and I like what I read =D =D =D

  3. Anonymous: Men historien er jo kjempeskjønn ;0 Henry Selick gjorde jo selvsagt en kjempegod jobb, men det hadde ikke blitt noe uten Gaiman in the first place da! Mwahahah xD

    Sebastián: I like that you like ;DD <3

  4. aaaaah! :'D haaaadågaaay~!!1<3
    herregud, så sykt bra! :D
    han får så mange plusspoeng, han.. gosh..! :D

  5. what is it about women that can (and probly would) kill you that makes them so hot?

  6. you're going to see Eddie Izzard? :O Now I'm so jealous, although, if there is enough ticets left by the time I graduate I'll totally buy one for when he comes to Stockholm :D I mean, he's like, devine! :D

  7. Anette: Jaaa..han ligna jo faktisk og..hahaha xDD <3

    John: You like it rough, huh? ;DD haha

    Antonia: Yuus, it'll be awesome :DD hope you'll get to see him too ^___^

  8. Needs more Konata silly faces. :D

  9. I'm so glad it went well ^_____^

    Oh, and I actually popped in to say that I am from Chile!!! A little ways from Santiago, in Vina del Mar. My whole family's from there, and I really wanted to recommend it to you. It has the best empanadas this side of the universe! :3 If you can, go and visit the restaurants there; you won't regret it, I'm sure! It's a little cold these days though, as it's going into winter ;____; oh well!

    I hope you enjoy yourself!!! <3

  10. Skulle ønske jeg var der XD
    Men jeg allerede boken din med signatur (fra Outland i Bergen)

  11. Would have been there to get a book and a sign if I wasn't stuck here in Sweden. :P

  12. And ofc I manage to post with the wrong google-account. x) Niklas would be me and this should be the correct account now.

    Anyhow, great work with everything. : D
    and awesome cosplaydress. ^^