Thursday, October 28, 2010

Cute little things

I've been thinking a little about christmas gifts. I know christmas is still 2 months away, but you know, I like being prepared. I prefer to make my christmas presents for people. The only problem is having the time to do it. I've been wanting to make plushies for a long time. It's just that I haven't got a sewing machine. Maybe I should wish for a sewing machine for christmas xD

Anyway..whether I'll get the time to make something or not, I looked around a little for some inspiration, and I found this really cute blog with so much adorableness packed into it!

I especially love this robot plushie! It's so cute~

:D Cute plushie dolls~

Seems like the Revoluzzza page (the one presenting these adorable works) is down :( But you can check out more of their work on their flickr page at least, just go HERE

If you like to knit, here is a great page for inspiration: Mochimochi Land

I want to start knitting again. Some months ago I started doing it, but now I've forgotten how to again. I keep doing that..haha

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Spirit Day

Tomorrow (Wednesday, October 20th) is Spirit Day. It's a day to honor the gay teens who have been bullied and abused. On this day I will wear purple to honor the memory of all the LGBT teenagers who have committed suicide because of bullying and abuse. Will you wear purple tomorrow? Attend the even on Facebook: October 20th: Spirit Day

Read more about it here

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


So..I was trying to find some good winter boots, right? I've been eyeing UGGs for a long while now, but I've been stupid enough not to see the reasons to not purchase a pair of these boots.

1. They are made of sheepSKIN. This means the sheep is slaughtered for the sole purpose of making these boots. Some may think the sheep goes "unharmed" in the process of making UGGs, but there you have it. They kill them, so celebrities and fashionable people can wear them. Of course they are good quality, but would you really want to walk around with a dead animal on your feet?

2. They are SO expensive! I've never been a girl for fashion brands, really. I'm not saying I'm a cheapskate, I just don't see the point in paying hundreds of dollars for a pair of boots, or a sweater, or a pair of pants or whatever.

There are plenty of animal friendly UGG-like boots out there. You can for example get a lot of faux fur boots or vegan boots. offers a variety of these, just type in "vegan boots" in the search field :)

I also came over this article, thanks to one of my friends on facebook;

There is a whole lot I don't know or haven't researched and I didn't know this either. It makes me want to stop wearing wool altogether. My impression of the wool industry has been set in my mind from when I was a child, and I watched programs and stuff where they shaved the sheep and it didn't look nearly as violent as described in this article. But then again, I was a kid, I didn't think about the "secrets of the wool industry".

I am not a vegan/vegetarian, and I know there's no excuse in saying "but that doesn't mean I want animals slaughtered". But at least I want to contribute to the cause by not _wearing_ the animals. I barely eat red meat, in fact I'm thinking of quitting it altogether. The only thing I could never ever quit eating, though, is fish. If I cannot become a vegetarian/vegan, I could be a pescetarian. Or at least eat less meat :)

Monday, October 4, 2010

Sleep disorders

I have some form of insomnia lately. I can't help it, it's something that comes and goes. Anyway, when I can't sleep I tend to surf the internet to read about stuff stuff. I started reading about sleep disorders. It's very interesting. I was especially into reading about different parasomnias, like the sexsomnia disorder. Also, night terrors and sleep paralysis. Has anyone of you ever experienced sleep paralysis. This paralysis occurs during the REM sleep, either while falling asleep or waking up. It's either that the person is aware of the fact that his/her body shuts down when falling asleep, or the awareness occurs when waking up, while the REM cycle is not yet complete. This can be incredibly frightening, because you start seeing hallucinations that belong in your dreams, but you see them in "your world". Apparently this happens to most people at least once or twice in their lives. It's happened to me, and it's really scary, and very vivid.

This painting, "The Nightmare" by Henry Fuseli (1781) is said to be inspired by the sleep paralysis disorder. It shows an incubus sitting on her chest, glaring at the viewer. Also, the horse in the background kinda freaks me out a little, but it looks really cool. Folklore on sleep paralysis claims that the reason the person becomes possessed or mounted by a demon or an evil spirit. I'm very fond of folklore. It has a way of making things a lot more fascinating xD

I don't know who the artist of this picture is. If anyone knows, let me know? I think it's freakishly awesome~

I love creepy pictures. LOVE THEM. I started browsing around for some and I found a fair few I really like.

Friday, October 1, 2010


Yesterday me and my boyfriend went to the movies to see Legend of the guardians. This is the first movie I've seen in 3D, well, mostly because we didn't have a choice xD 3D movies are super expensive (especially in Norway where we have to pay about 25 dollars to see a 3D movie in the movie theater). I think it's kinda sucky that ALL movies seem to be in 3D these days. I mean, 3D is cool and all, but it's SO expensive! D:

Anyway, I really liked the movie, it was very beautiful. I do think that they've focused a little more on the aesthetics than the story, because to me everything just raced by really quickly which left me thinking; "It was too short!". I would have loved to see more :) All in all, it is a very sweet movie and if you love owls and amazing animation aesthetics, go see it!

After the movie we walked around the mall for a while. I bought myself a lady suit for this year's International Suit Up Day! I feel it's about time I get my own suit anyway, I love suits!
I've been looking for some nice knitted sweaters/jackets too. Regretfully I lost a lot of my precious clothes leaving Chile earlier this year. My suitcase disappeared and so did all my clothes that were mostly bought in Japan. This still pisses me off, because I can't find the same clothes anywhere else :( If you know a place that has colorful knitted sweaters or cardigans, please let me know! I also need a pair of good winter shoes, so I've been looking around for some UGG boots, not really because they're so popular but because they're so incredibly comfortable and look good with almost anything..haha xD I was surfing around last night to see if I could find some cheaper than the retail prices, which got me lost in the whole counterfeit online market of UGGs x___x I honestly didn't know that so many assholes sells fake UGGs for nearly the same price as authentic ones.

I guess if you love UGGs, you already know this, but here is a guide to fake ugg boots websites.
The thing I would fear the most about ordering from these sites is to not get any boots at all, so I wouldn't risk it.

On another note, Dan Wells is out with his second book. I recently read his first book ever, "I am not a serial killer".
This is a story about a 16 year old boy named John Wayne Cleaver. He's come to terms with the fact that he is a sociopath with serial killer potential. However, he doesn't want to be a serial killer, so he makes rules for himself to avoid letting his potential take over.

The second book from Wells is called "Mr.Monster" where we pick up on John's story after the first book. I've just started reading it, so I can't say anything yet, but I really liked the first book.