Saturday, March 20, 2010

* o *

Greetings, followers :3

I am finally back in Trondheim. Or..Vikhammer. Currently I am staying at my step dad's place until I'll be able to move into my apartment. YES, I found an apartment. It's in the middle of the center of Trondheim, so I won't have trouble getting to places :D Also, I'll be able to work at the hotel at least every weekend so I can earn enough money to pay rent and stuffs~

Apart from that, I'll be taking two classes at my university this spring, so I won't be a slacker. At least I have some kind of plan for now :)

Oh, and this song is amazing:

Today I bought lots of food stuffs too. I was thinking it should last me for maybe a week, so I won't have to visit the supermarket that often cause it's like 2.4 miles away, so I'll have to hitch a ride with my step dad's brother if I'm going there and I don't want to bother him too much n__n;

I feel I've been kinda productive lately. Seeing as I've been sick and just hanging around inside and in bed, I got kinda I spent most of my time drawing o w o;

Yeah,, John and Per are TEAM AWESOME

= w =

Kthxbye! xD

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Thank you~

I want to thank all the people for all the wonderful comments. I rarely get comments on my blog..but to tell the truth, I rarely comment on blogs either. I never know what to say. I find at more than one occasion that words are difficult. That's why I don't write long blog entries, I guess.

I've had a decent sleep, I think. I fell asleep around 2..and woke up at 7. Five hours is better than nothing. I feel tired though...but I might try sleeping a bit more.
My dream was very pretty though. About a boy. He's very special to me...
He was happy in my dream. I like it when he's happy.

Also..I started looking through some of the pictures I have lying files and folders. I have so many pictures. Sometimes I wish I had more from when I was little...

I really like this picture. It's And simply empty..apart from the pretty little crow.