Saturday, July 3, 2010

Summer and stuff

Hello and long time no see.

Is there much to say today? I don't really know..maybe? It's summer here in Norway now, so it's summer vacation. All my friends has left town so I'm kinda stuck alone here working my butt off..but I don't mind, seeing as I need the money. I'm trying to save up a little so I'll survive, ya know. The weather here in Trondheim has been really lame. Not at all like summer weather at's been chilly and raining almost constantly. We've had some nice weather the last few days at least, and that's nice.

I don't know if I'm bored or what it is though, but I don't feel like doing anything but work to make time pass. You see, I really want to see my boyfriend again and that's in like..a month. Time, go faster! :C

I'm watching Nightmare on Elm Street, the second one. I've been watching the first one's been years since I saw it. Jesse screams like a girl. Høhø.