Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Thank you~

I want to thank all the people for all the wonderful comments. I rarely get comments on my blog..but to tell the truth, I rarely comment on blogs either. I never know what to say. I find at more than one occasion that words are difficult. That's why I don't write long blog entries, I guess.

I've had a decent sleep, I think. I fell asleep around 2..and woke up at 7. Five hours is better than nothing. I feel tired though...but I might try sleeping a bit more.
My dream was very pretty though. About a boy. He's very special to me...
He was happy in my dream. I like it when he's happy.

Also..I started looking through some of the pictures I have lying files and folders. I have so many pictures. Sometimes I wish I had more from when I was little...

I really like this picture. It's And simply empty..apart from the pretty little crow.


  1. Don't worry Maria,you'll be back on your feet soon enough.I know you can do it,you're a strong person even if you don't know it yet.You don't need a very good reason to get better.Just do it for yourself and for the life you want to have.Don't wait another minute and just go for it.

  2. at home we have several pictures from when you were little. possible to scan you know. you were so beautiful.