Thursday, November 5, 2009


Yo ho ho, people of the world!

Some small updates from me, thassright!

Just want to state that Halloween was great! If I look past the fact that I got way too drunk for my own good and threw up like a crazy person, then YES, it was truly a great night..and I have figured out that I really love my friends. Well..I kinda figured that already, but there are some things that just make you go "omg, I'm so happy I have these people in my life", you know?

SO..halloween..yes. I was actually working that day, but after work I took the opportunity to sneak down to Outland (our comic book store) wearing my Red Panda kigurumi. Which made me wish I had the guts to wear that thing all the time, cause it's nice and comfy and warm even though it's cold outside = w = It was fun being there..lots of people having dressed up..and oh lord, I took way too few pics :C *whine* I don't even have any pics of me in my kigurumi ; w ;

BUT..I got Transformers jenga! How awesome is that? I mean..that's pretty flippin' awesome:

I rock at jenga! I'll take any challenge! ò w ó bwahahaha!

So yeah..that was that.
I dressed up as a somewhat evil maid later that evening. I still have some red in my hair and on my arms from that fake blood I used = A = I mean..yeah..

"Why hello there, sir! Would you like wine with that?"

Cathrine makes a cute witch!

Elwood ò w ó

Well, right now I'm at school and I'm totally not paying attention. I wanna go home and eat my müesli..omnomnom.

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