Monday, February 9, 2009

It's just another day~

Oh wow, my first blog ever. I never even thought I would make one in a million years, but look at me go, huh? :0 Well..the reason I've never been blogging is because I always feel I have no particularly interesting thing to tell people, mind you, me putting up this blog now doesn't mean I've changed that view..but..I am in a need to write stuff so I thought "oh heck why nawt"

At this very moment I'm doing absolutely nothing because I AM a lazy bastard and I DID go to sleep at 7:30 in the morning, because I was up doodling and working on my Cafepress Shop n____n I'm thinking of making a few more additional designs, because oh-do-I-love-Illustrator >w<

But I got up at like 4 pm.. Bless my ridiculously fucked up sleeping pattern. Not that I'm complaining..but it makes me slack off slightly on the school part xDD Lawlz. I've currently been working on these practice tasks for a subject called "Communication Technology in the Information Society" ...or something like that. And YES!!! It IS as fun as it sounds!

We learn a lot about..well..communication technology..and computer stuff..and binary coding..DNS..mumbo-jumbo. I was working a little on that task yesterday and I went all; "Oh Maria, you are such a n00b!" sheepisly trying to open my skull, pat my brain and tell it to be more IT-friendly. No srsly, I would like to be able to do that one day. Lobotomized Maria anyone? Hannibal, help me plz :D But YAY! I got some help from my personal experts on the area, my friends Knut and Sølve..bless you and your intelligence for computer stuffs :*

Yo-ho I'm gonna be a good girl and clean the apartment. Not because it necessarily needs it, but you know addiction on constant patrol. I might just end up in my couch drawing or playing something though...Prince of Persia or Fable II :D

Hey, speaking of games..there is one I am dying to try;;; MINI-NINJAS~! :D *jumps up and down very excitedly*

Well..I guess that is all for now n_____n I'll keep you updated on my not-so-interesting life whenever I can.. 'till then..TATA, boys and girls. ;* muah~!


  1. Hey Maria,

    Congrats on the blog and good luck with working on having a hinged skull, be sure to patent it once you have got it to work. :P

    Have fun with your blog and I hope you start to pwn school.

    - The Spotted Lab Coat

  2. Hey Maria! Yeah, you don't know me, but I'm a big fan of your work, your comics are the greatest :3 So good luck with the bloggie!

  3. woot blog :D... if the gameplay for Mini Ninjas is like that I'd like to try it :D... technically your not being lazy, sleeping at 7:30 in the morning, cause you're working on stuff

  4. Welcome to blogging. Here's to hoping you keep with it.

    Take care'n stuff.

  5. yeayy welcome to the blogging world jejeji could never make my day sound interesting ;P thats why mine is of music and entertainmente jajajja well great blogg

  6. Bethany: Thaaanks :D and yeah..I seriously need some school pwning nao xDD

    FerociaCoutura: Thank you ^^

    Mr.Lee: I hope it'll be fun..can't wait xD

    dL: I'll do my best ;D

    Karu: Haha..thank you xDD music's good ^___^