Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Wakeful, much?

Okay, so it's like 4:39 am now and I'm stuck in the couch watching some crappy movie on TV with Joshua Jackson and some other dudeguy.. >____> boo-baa~
I didn't manage to get up early today either, I seriously need to get it together xD !
Tomorrow I WILL get up before 3 pm! HA! Cause I'm gonna eat sushi with my good friend, Per n___n yay~! Bless sushi and it's..raw..fishyness...

On another mother is the sweetest thing! She sent me a little envelope with a little bag of tinytiny dolls. These dolls are also called "Worry Dolls".

Photo is a bit blurry..taken with my mobile phone, but..they ARE really tiny..and so cuuute! On the little note it says; "The origin of the worry dolls comes form the ancient tribes of Guatemala. The people of Guatemala being superstitious believe that their problems and troubles were caused by the Gods as a punishment for wrong doing. Legend has it that if you take one of the dolls and tell it your troubles, then put it under your pillow before going to bed at night, when you wake in the morning your worries will be gone. There are seven worry dolls in your sack. One for each day of the week. Do not lose one of them as their mystical powers will disappear" :D Thanks, mom~!

My step dad also came over with a box of gingerbread cookies from christmas..haha xD but Thommas ate most of them, seeing as I can barely eat anything cause my wisdom tooth is killing me ;______; *pain*

I'm feeling very drawy-happy these days though..I'm sure my watchers on deviantART has noticed this..I've probably spammed their deviation inbox with pictures xDD But I like being on a's been a long time since I've been feeling like...really in a drawing mood ;0

Anyway..I better try to get some sleep. Just gonna do the dishes first x3~ ha!


  1. I don't care how much drawings you send in. It's when people stop drawing that I begin to worry...

  2. no please! send more pictures! expecially comics. they are so funny! ^-^

  3. agreed, keep drawing! It brings the same joy as the fishyness in sushi does :3

  4. Eh, drawing is therapy. Whether it's thoughtful or thoughtless, it's fun and freeing. Keep at it!