Sunday, February 22, 2009

Yawn - hello~

Sundays are fundays? Hmmm...more like..lazy days n____n;
Yesterday I had Cathrine over..we were drinking wine and eating was lovely~ Also, we were watching Ylvis III and Bill Bailey's show "Tinselworm". I like Bill Bailey..he's cute ^^ You guys probably haven't heard of Ylvis though (you guys who aren't Norwegian, I mean). They're sort of shows and..being funny xD Here's a little peek at them:

And I LOVE PINGU! My friend's room-mate has a Pingu plushie and I wants to steeeeal iiiit
* w * and Cathrine got a bit drunk and we also mixed together some kind of Caipirinha Mango on the rocks sort of thing..and it was deliciousss :3~ I think I need to make more of that the next time I'm drinking..which will be next weekend, cause I'm having a costume partyyy :D Yay! I like costumes. I've got a fair few and I never get the chance to use them..haha xD I should have costume parties all the time *snigger*

Today I need to write a bit. I have that photography presentation thingie on tuesday. I don't really want to do it. I hate standing in front of other people and..talking about stuff xD Well..I guess it could be worse though, cause it's not a hard task really. All I have to do is talk about a photo that another girl in my group brought to the first group session and then another girl in the same group I'm in is gonna talk about a photo I brought. Most of the people brought like..vacation/snap-shots/family photos while..mine was a photo taken by my friend Anette.

I think it should be relatively easy to talk about it for the one who is going to do xD

And OH! The movie Dead Snow is being released on DVD the 1st of april! Bwahaha! I loved that movie. Me needs to buy eet.

Well...that's all for now. Be back later ;*


  1. Dead Snow looks great. I have a friend who loves freaky shit like that, so I'll probably show it to her.

  2. Oh, I never get to go to costume parties ._. I'm jealous of you 8D