Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Okay, I seriously have this on my brain..I even dreamt about Freakazoid singing it in my xD

Yayy! I'm even up early today~! Who would have thought? Maybe my sleeping pattern is on the verge of becoming relatively allright again? I kinda hope so n____n; And today I should work on a commission I just got. It's my second commission in ages :0 *looks determined*

I also have new school tasks to do x____x this time it's about..bytes and bits..and streaming..and..poppycock. And also I have to start writing my part for this presentation we're going to have in a week..I don't want to, really. The task is for a subject called "History of photography" and every student has to pick a photo that has a personal connection to him/her..and then we have to be in a group of three and give our own photo to another person in that group, so that he/her can write and talk about it on the presentation D: eep!

Oh well..see you around, guys *waves* n______n;;


  1. O___O I forgot that show existed. I use to watch it all the time xD Very random thing to dream about especially singing lol

  2. Hey, random thingy: I heard/saw that you like Fai. Have you seen this one?