Monday, February 16, 2009

Such a sweet giirl <3

My goodness..I got this adorable message on myspace from a girl called Kaycee.

I love what you do.
I've been a big admirer of your comic strips for the longest time.
So when I saw that you where selling a book full of the cute,
funny, silly comic strips.
I knew had to go and buy it.

So now every time I need a giggle.
I go get the book flip to any page and laugh.

Thank you for all the great art that you make.
Hope you'll come out with another books
full of more Rip and Maria mischief's."

She sent me pictures of her with the book! SO ADORABLE~ ! It makes me want to squeal ^^ !! I'm so happy that my book has been somewhat of a success :D *big smile* THANK YOU SWEET PEOPLE..FOR THE SUPPORT AND LOVE!

1 comment:

  1. Heldige hu e som har fått tak i boko di^^ kor mye e det egentligt du ska ha for ann?

    Eg e foresten veldig stor fan, noe du sikkert hørre ofta:P men uansett, fortsett me det goa arbeide! :D