Monday, April 13, 2009


Ok, first of all..can't people just STOP being so..SNATCHY??

~Frat-Burger 21 hours 41 minutes ago hey there, just wanted to tell you something. I saw this street vendor selling wallets one day, I recognized the picture on the wallet it was your "Mcmorbid-Sausage" comic. apparently your art is being mass produced as wallets and bags here(Philippines). just wanted to inform you. :|

;_____; seriously..does it ever end? First Dangerfield and now this? I haven't even sorted out the Dangerfield case takes ages. I guess they'll just keep earning money on my work still. It's so flippin' UNFAIR! Stupid art thieving bastards!

Well..on another note. I had people over on saturday..and because it's easter and..I wanted to be yellow, I put on my Pikachu outfit and went to town wearing it..I even went to the store in it buying potato chips before I got xD And I also went to the local gay bar with my was funny..PIKA PI

My friend took a picture of me outside the kebab shop...hahah. Easter-chu :D

And yay! I met my dad today. It was nice. Haven't seen him for ages..usually he's just passing through here, like today. But it was great seeing him again :)


  1. ah man! i hate thieves! i hope this all gets sorted out x[

    pikachu!! :3