Sunday, August 2, 2009

Huhai~ it's sunday!

Hello everyooone~~~
It's suundaaay and I've just had an awesome dinner. :D
Been working all day home just a while ago. Thing is..I'm actually done working for summer at august 16th and then school is starting the 20th * A * I was location hunting a bit the other day..didn't find anything particularly interesting, really..

..apart from like..a quack guarding its baby quacks * w *


and..a pretty place by the river * o *

But I didn't really leave town. I am sure there are a lot of awesome locations outside town though, but I don't have a car or a bus card..and taking the bus is expensive when you don't have a bus card :c so I guess I'll wait until school starts.

Oh..and I'm really looking forward to "9" and "Alice in Wonderland" *_____*

Tonight I am going to watch a new Norwegian horror thriller, called "Snarveien" - "The Shortcut"

Should be fun xD

I also wanna see Public Enemies pretty soon. And Sherlock Holmes when that's coming out * o * mwaaa~~ movie madness :D


  1. The quackies are the best!!
    And you better enjoy your movie *__*

  2. public enemies var mye mindre awesome enn jeg hadde håpet. :/ kjedet meg nesten..

    cozy house garden-stedet var jo superfint! :D

  3. jeg kan sikle på Johnny Depp da >:3~~~

    Og jaaa..det var kjempekoselig. Men det var noen som bodde der, da..så jeg vet ikke hvor lurt det er å bruke som location ; w ;

  4. du får ringe på og spørre! ^^