Thursday, October 15, 2009


Ok, so currently I'm working on some spanish stuff for my compulsory oral presentation, which is like..soon..I feel.'s the 10th of november, but I'm bloody nervous, cause it's like an exam and I'm not allowed any notes or anything ;____; eep.

I've been reading a bit for my other classes too. My exams aren't that far away either. Eesh, I hate feeling stressed about stuff.

Today I got up super early for class. I show up at the university and..turns out there was no one class -___- I decided to go home and read instead. I'm not really a morning person, so I've been really tired, and my jetlag's been kinda annoying too xD

On the drawing part..I seriously don't have time to do anything these days. I'm working tomorrow and this weekend I'll probably read and prepared myself for the spanish..and apart from that I have work and school until december :/ But I've been thinking of maybe making another book, actually. I have a new McMorbid story I would like to start on, and the rest of The Finding of The Shoelace story will be in the new book and not submitted to deviantART. AND...I have a plan of making a story about Rip now. The thing is, no one knows his story, right? Most likely you're in for a surprise ^^

Oh..and I got the 6th Yotsuba book. Hooray! I've been waiting such a long time for it to come out here ; w ; the end of december/start of january I will be firing up my Japan blog again, cause guess what..I'M GOING BACK ;D

So..that's that for now, I guess..just wanted to keep you guys updated, you know :3