Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Jeez louise I have been SO slow with updates D: It's been over a week since Raptus (the comic convention I went to) and I haven't told you guys anything about it ;____;

Well..I went to Bergen..and got to live at a girl called Sun's place. She's the best host in the world and she is supernice ; w ; I also fell in love with her dog ; A ; yeah. I had my own stand at the convention, in addition to being a judge in the cosplay convention they held there * A *

Here are some pics:

Hullo thar srs face * o *

I was painting the wall at Outland along with the other comic artists, being Peter Madsen, Milo Manara, Charlie Adlard, Cary Nord..etc n___n

Juanjo Guarnido signing stuff

My stand :D


The finished poster from the convention :D


Finiished n___n

Charlie Adlard to the right, Peter Madsen to the left~

Peter Madsen's work was awesome *___*

Milo Manara painting a horny chick 0:)

Me and Sun being judges. That pic was actually taken by my local newspaper o.o;; yeah..I had TONS of fun! :DD
And..and..I sold like..25 books! ; w ; *feels so loved*

OH! And..check out my Chile blog, will ya? ;D ->

Goodie good n_______n


  1. I see nemi on the wall xD Awesome work btw :)
    Meget smukt :)

  2. Wow, awesome work :D
    Drolling Maria looks so cute and funny n__n