Sunday, March 8, 2009

Mya Mya~

Sunday! Lazy day! I've been in bed almost all day, really. I had one heck of a party here last night, it was..slightly insane xD Wah. My gay friend Karstein and a friend of him came over first, and then he invited a bunch of his gay friends too..I barely knew any of them, so I was like "Hi, yeah..I own the place, dawgs" :0 But they were all very nice..and I think we got a little bit too drunk for our own least I did =___= and we went to a gay bar in town where this strange guy told me I was hot even if I'm not a pick-up line ever. I didn't get what he had against blondes, though..seemed like he thought all blondes are brainless bimbos. Meh..stereotyping * O * Guess I proved him wrong though...mwahaha~

After the gay bar closed we went back to my place for a little nachspiel..and on the way we met this really sweet chinese guy. I think his name was Hui..(if I remember correctly) n___n; But yeah..he joined us too..and it was all good fun xD haha. I was a good girl tidying up the whole apartment this morning..people left at like...6 am or something like that, so I was up until 9 am tidying and cleaning..which was fun :D Now it looks nice..teehee ^^

And OH..I forgot to say. I went to the sneak-premiere of Watchmen this thursday..and to be honest, I think the movie was absolutely brilliant. The start was REALLY cool methinks..and even if the movie slightly lost itself after a while, it didn't really matter because all in all it was great. Rorschach was totally ass-kicking awesome :0 Rawr.

I've also ordered a Bad Girl (No More Heroes) dress from the people who made my Harley Quinn outfit. I'm so gonna cosplay her..I'm not sure when, but I've been thinking about it for ages xD I hope the dress will turn out nice n____n now I only have to get my hands on a bloody baseball bat and pink pumps :D

Rawr much? ;D

Looks like Konata is the winner of my cosplay poll I'm gonna have to get a blue wig and a Konata school girl uniform as well..haha :D

Now I'm gonna bake some breads and read a book. Sundays are slack.

See ya, sweetie-pies~


  1. I have a baseball bat, but it's not a bloody one. Suppose that could be easily corrected though XD

  2. "I've also ordered a Bad Girl (No More Heroes) dress from the people who made my Harley Quinn outfit"

    can i ask what site your are buying these costumes from?