Monday, September 27, 2010


I finally got my own blog design. Man, my shoulder really hurts from sitting in front of the computer and drawing for hours and hours. I have a habit of hunching my back when I draw, so I guess I have myself to thank~

I've been drawing a lot lately..not comics, but other things. I'm currently working on a piece which will be a gift and it's taken me over 12 hours now I think. I'm not finished either..I feel I have a lot left on it, but hopefully it will look good when it's done :3

Also, I've gotten a lot of commissions, which I really appreciate! It's great to have something to do when I have no inspiration. Kinda short on the comic part lately though, since I feel so "experimental" But I'm going to make this "Hater's gonna hate" comic with Rip which will be a new addition to the McMorbid series.

You know what I keep thinking about lately though? Something that's bothering me, is that things I spend a crazy lot of time working on get less than half the attention my other work does. And when I say "other work", I mean work I've spent way less time doing. It's kinda annoying cause there you are, finished with a, say, 10 hour drawing and you're so proud and excited to show it to the world and then you barely get any feedback on it. I do understand how, for example, less popular artists on deviantART feel when they've spent so much time on a picture and end up getting no feedback on it. As so many people say, there are way too many great artists who absolutely do not get half of the attention they deserve. On another note, though, I do get really tired of people asking me why I am so popular when there are other people more deserving of the attention I get, because I am fully aware of that o . o

I'm gonna try keeping my blog more updated, I'm just so bad at writing because I always feel I have so much to say, but when I sit down to write in my blog I never know what to write. Ironic, isn't it?

I just want you guys to know that I'm not dead or anything. I guess that my followers on deviantART are fully aware of that, but you never know :3

Have a cupcake! n w n


  1. You are not bad at writing, you just need to do what I do and start each blog off with something completely random and possibly silly. This will give you a chance to get into writing and you will be able to move on from there. Plus, you can always delete the first part... even though you shouldn't because it's usually awesome when creative brains come up with something random! ^^

    Your new design is really nice and I like that you included a little "you" in the header.

    Also, you are popular because you are so creative and your work inspires people to share their own thoughts and creativity. This is in my opinion, of course. ;P

    Can't wait to read more!!

  2. Yeah, I'm good at being random..hopefully without it seeming too forced xD
    I just realized it's nice to have a blog if something's nagging at your brain, though :3 So I guess it's not just a waste.

    And thank you, I'm very happy with my design.

    Thanks for your comment. I'm surprised, because no one barely comments on my blog * w * lol